Glen Affric is under threat… again!

Protect this Iconic National Landscape!

Refused in 2015, through many peoples’ support, locally and from all around the world, the wind farm proposal of Beinn Mhor, by Glen Affric National Nature Reserve, wasrejected by the Scottish Government.

We were assured that was the end of the matter.

However – Developers are back……..

A German company, Vento Ludens, is now proposing to build 46 Larger Turbines, each 492 feet tall, over 5000 acres, that adjoins the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve, including the previously rejected Beinn Mhor site. The proposed wind farm was originally named Fasnakyle by the developer but they then changed this to Fiodhag Wind Farm.

Imagine the massive adverse impacts – including:

·         Adverse impact on the internationally recognised ‘Glen Affric Experience’
·         Adverse impact on Residents, Tourism and Businesses
·         Adverse impact on Tomich Conservation Village
·         Adverse impact on neighbouring villages
·         Adverse effect on local wild life
·         Adverse effect on quality of life

If approved, it will set a devastating and dangerous precedent.

This means, other neighbouring refusals or withdrawn proposals will almost certainly be reconsidered by wind farm developers.

Protect the legacy of Glen Affric, one of Scotland’s Iconic Landscapes.

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