Amendment to Beinn Mhor Proposal

Amendment to Beinn Mhor Proposal – More Action Needed
Over 1000 objections to the Highland Council

Wpd has amended its Beinn Mhor proposal and deleted turbine number 7. This turbine was stuck out on its own and was probably always available for sacrifice in wpd’s planning. In conjunction with this wpd has filed additional Environmental Survey comments covering all topics. This means that the consultation process is on-going and a new window for comments has opened. This window will close on 20 October  2014.

The team will be reviewing wpd’s new documentation in detail but our initial reaction is that there is nothing here that materially changes the proposed development or our objections to it. Wpd is just tinkering at the edges in an effort to try to answer the mountain of questions raised by the Planners, other groups (including GAFSN) and individual objectors.

We will issue more detailed information to you shortly.  All previous and new documents can be viewed on the Highland Council site under the documents tab by following THIS LINK .

Thank you for your continued support, The Highland Council have now received over 1000 objections which is absolutely brilliant.

Your continued support is vitally important to stop this development.