Another piece of nonsense (and an own goal) from wpd

The wpd website is showing a news release with the title “Public misled by ‘conservation village’ title”.

In it they attack the Forestry Commission for having erected signs on the approach to Tomich using the words ‘conservation village’ and infer that the Forestry Commission, together with objectors to their proposed development who used that wording, were guilty of misleading the public.

The facts of the matter are:

  •  The designated Tomich Conservation Area comprises of a large section of the original Victorian village of Tomich and the ‘Conservation Area’ and the village are quite close to being one and the same.
  •  Most of the buildings within this designated Conservation Area are Listed Buildings.

Using the wording  ‘conservation village’ therefore seems a very reasonable way of describing Tomich and is most certainly not misleading.

Wpd’s article makes reference to ‘concerned local supporters’ of the proposed development which we would assume must include the land-owning family who are stakeholders in the proposed development. If you check the website for this family’s ‘Tomich Holidays’ business you will find that it states that their holiday development is “Built above the conservation village of Tomich…..”.

One of our members has asked wpd if this means that they are saying that the landowners are also guilty of misleading the public or whether their allegation is reserved only for the people who object to their proposed development!! We await their response.