Cynical Move By WPD

We have noted the apparently cynical attempt by wpd Scotland Ltd., the development agent for the proposed Beinn Mhor wind farm, to encourage local community support by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with Soirbheas Ltd., a local community charity, to agree to explore enhanced community benefits to be distributed at the discretion of the Soirbheas board.

Though Soirbheas has explained at great length that they are completely impartial, so far as the planning process is concerned, we contend that such impartiality would have been far better demonstrated by waiting for the planning process to run its course before entering into any agreement with wpd Scotland.

The Soirbheas board should note that we can see no community benefit associated with a development that the community does not want.

Next Working Group meeting:

7-30 pm on 5th March, 2014 at the Slaters Arms, Cannich