Further Action Needed – Object Now or Object Again!

Following its initial review of wpd’s planning application and Environmental Statement, Highland Council (HC) requested some additional information from wpd. The major component was an Indicative Construction Traffic Method Statement to provide clarification and more detail on the changes required to roads and related infrastructure.

This additional information was provided by wpd on July 14 2014 and can be viewed on HC’s planning portal. The planning reference is unchanged – 14/01731/FUL.

Comments on the additional documents and on all of the proposed wind farm development can be submitted via HC’s planning portal with a closing date of August 25 2014.

For those of you who have not already filed an individual objection to this application this offers a further opportunity for you to do so and we encourage you to take it. You can access the planning portal and post your objection via THIS LINK.

Even if you have already objected you can object again, perhaps with additional or different points.

Our team has studied the new information provided by wpd and our view is that it does not answer the questions raised by HC’s Transport Planning Department. It does, however, provide more details of the road widening and straightening that will be required to accommodate the construction traffic and also the areas of ground that will be subject to Compulsory Purchase Orders. This is much more extensive than previously indicated by wpd.

It is clear from the new information that the whole character of the approach to Tomich, Plodda and the south side of Glen Affric National Nature Reserve will be very substantially changed for the worse if this development is approved.

It is also very important to note that these changes to the roads will in themselves generate considerable construction traffic and extensive and lengthy disruption, none of which has been addressed or quantified by wpd.

We would encourage those of you who have already filed an individual objection to this application to make your further objections based on this new information plus anything new that you wish to add. As noted above, you can access the planning portal via THIS LINK.

Your individual objections carry weight with HC and are hugely important. Please help us to kill this proposed development by logging on and making your views known. Your support is vital.