Vento Ludens Sell to the Highest Bidder, then Lodge Appeal

Tweedmouth Monument – Site of Proposed Fiodhag Wind Farm

Vento Ludens promised they were here to support the community for the long term. But no, what they told us wasn’t quite right. As they have just sold out Fiodhag to EDP Renewables; who we hope carried out good due diligence. So much for that promise.

Upon buying Vento Ludens, EDP Renewables immediately lodged an appeal, but still using the name Vento Ludens, against the decision made by our Highland Council South Planning Applications Committee who had ‘Refused’ permission for the erection of a 101m Met Mast, immediately above the Conservation village of Tomich.

We note that EDP Renewables copy their predecessors Vento Ludens, and omit to mention in their submission under ‘location’, Tomich Conservation Village, which is just 2km away from the Mast. Instead, they mention Cannich. That is 8km away. Nothing changes there then.

The appeal was lodged with the Scottish Government on 23rd July 2021, just two days after EDPR bought Vento Ludens.

Details of their appeal can be found by clicking on this link:

Only those who objected to the original application are allowed to supply further representation, to be received by the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) by 16th August 2021.

Both EDP Renewables and Vento Ludens have shown scant regard for the careful consideration given to the application by our Highland Councillors, and the seriousness with which they made their decision to refuse the original application.